The Reimaging Recovery Award celebrates all the hard work in supporting our communities to build back better after the wildfires.
Kate Rhein, AIA Intl. Assoc. (Boone Low Ratliff Architects) who had the original vision, compassion and energy to rally together design professionals in her community along with AIAMB to share disseminate fire rebuild information and response. 
Kate would like to add her own special recognition to the following people and practices. This award is a direct result of your hard work and compassion.

(Stephanie Barnes Castro, Jacquie Low, Monica Ratliff, Hugh David Carter, Mark Ellis, Bill Fisher, Nancy Huyck, Jon Ifland, Bill Kempf, Hugh Zike, Timerie Gordon, Christian Nielsen, Peter Spellman, Jim Stroupe, Jamileh Cannon, Tim Gordon, Brian Rubin, Siena Shaw, Alexandra Sklar, Jessica Presley, Dan Stark.)