Are you an experienced local architects/ design professionals who has expressed an interest in volunteering with the fire rebuild efforts. We are hitting a critical time when a lot of homeowners are ready to start looking into what it will take to rebuild. Typically, this would be when we would host workshops and town halls to provide ProBono guidance and answer questions. However, due to Covid-19 these aren’t typical times- so we are taking our assistance virtual. For the month of October, we would like to offer homeowners the opportunity to talk to an architect/ design professional and ask any questions they may have about the building design process. We will be sending out a contact email and online form for anyone interested in getting help. They would provide their information, the location of their property, the kind of questions they have, and they would sign a waiver. I know that we are all getting very busy at the moment, but if you think you could spare some time to respond to a few of these inquiries, it would make a real difference and help a lot. The way it would work is that I would send request forms when we receive them, and you could select who you would be able to respond to, and when. There is no commitment, and we would only be offering this service through October. Also, I would mention that this is a little experimental- I don’t know if we will get any inquiries or too many! However the idea has been very positively received by community groups and SC County. If you are interested in being a part of this ‘virtual-support team’, please let me know. Also, if you know someone who might be interested feel free to forward this email. Once I have an idea of numbers, we can decide if this is worth putting in place. Again, I work locally and know how busy we all are, so please know that any time you could spare would be great.

If you know someone who would like to chat with an architect, or have a suggestion about how we can reach people who might want some professional support, our contact email is: [email protected].

Many thanks!

Kate Rhein