Committee: Arts & Architecture

2022 Arts + Architecture Lecture Series

April 21: A Global Perspective / A National View
With Secretary Leon E. Panetta

May 12, 2022: The Local Perspective
Panel Discussion with Smart Growth and Private Property Rights Advocates

June 2, 2022: Building in the Open Landscape
Looking at Successful Transitions from Built to Natural Environment 

Henry Hill by Pierluigi Serraino

For those who weren’t able to attend and for those who may want to hear these excellent talks again, the lecture on the mid-century Modernist architect Henry Hill by the architect, historian and author, Pierluigi Serraino.

Creating the Architecture of the Monterey Peninsula:

Will Shaw Lecture by Polly Osborne. Polly Osborne’s lecture on her step-father, the great Monterey Peninsula architect Will Shaw.

Olof Dahlstrand

A lecture by Pierluigi Serraino