The purpose of the Stanton Award is to recognize a significant contribution to the profession of Architecture on the Central Coast of California.  The award recognizes architects and other professional or individuals who have contributed to the profession of architecture, such as historic preservation, professional development and community involvement.  The award selection is made by a committee of architect-members of AIA Monterey Bay only when it is deemed warranted by the AIAMB committee.

The Robert Stanton Award Fund is a gift from Virginia Young Stanton to the Community Foundation of Monterey County through an endowment.  The income is to be used by AIA Monterey Bay in selecting, preparing and presenting the Robert Stanton Award to recognizing outstanding contributions of a chapter member.

AIA Monterey Bay Stanton Award Winners

  • 1983 Will V. Shaw, FAIA – Design William Concolino, FAIA
  • 1984 Walter Burde, FAIA –   Fredrick G. Keeble, FAIA
  • 1985 Donald B. Goodhue, FAIA  
  • 1988 Joyce S. Stevens, AIA
  • 1992 Richard K. Rhodes,  
  • 1994 Virginia Stanton – Contributions created Stanton Award
  • 1995 Paul E. Davis, AIA  
  • 1999 Jeanne C. Byrne, FAIA  
  • 2001 Daniel Fletcher, AIA
  • 2003 Dennis Hodgin, AIA
  • 2006 Kent Seavey & Rick Janick
  • 2008 John Thodos, FAIA
  • 2010 Michael L. Waxer, AIA
  • 2012 Jerrold E. Lomax, FAIA 
  • 2014 Peter J. Kassavan, AIA
  • 2016 Wm. David Martin, AIA