2015 Design Awards Jury Announcement

In October 1, 2015

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Jonathan Reich

Jonathan Reich is a licensed architect and distinguished college professor in the Architecture Dept. at Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo. His professional and educational work experience spans from California to Seattle to Idaho to Italy and beyond. Among his many accomplishments, Jonathan was awarded a senior Fulbright Scholarship grant to study and teach in Italy during the 2010-2011 academic year. At the same time his expertise in different unique challenges that affect our local cities and environment, including coastal and urban development, inspire many of his students who go on to work for local architecture firms in Northern and Central California communities.

Martha Tonkin (Carmel, CA)

Martha Tonkin is an all-around artist and specialized educator in various forms of art and design. In addition to her freelance artistic work and running the company she created to promote art and expression, she is also a teacher at Palma High School in Salinas. Her expertise and experience includes fine arts, photography, TV/video, fashion, marketing, as well as arts and architecture. As the associated arts member of the jury Martha is not an architect, however she is the local representative on the jury and is familiar with some of the unique challenges affecting the design communities in the Tri-County area.

Christopher Wasney

Christopher Wasney is a licensed architect and founding principal of Cody Anderson Wasney Architects (Palo Alto). His primary area of expertise is in designing and managing complex projects for universities, community-based institutions, and non-profits. Within this realm his work ranges from adaptive re-uses of historic buildings to long term strategic planning. As someone who is also active in the community, Christopher serves on the faculty of the Architectural Design Program at Stanford University and his work and vision is very important for the future of some of the area’s most beautiful and historic college campuses and places.

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